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More than , people die from injuries each year, and approximately 1 in 10 sustains a nonfatal injury serious enough to be treated in a hospital emergency department. Beyond their immediate health consequences, injuries and violence have a significant impact on the well-being of Americans by contributing to:. The effects of injuries and violence extend beyond the injured person or victim of violence to family members, friends, coworkers, employers, and communities.

The choices people make about individual behaviors, such as alcohol and drug use, or risk-taking, are often connected with factors in the social and physical environment and can increase injuries. The physical environment, both in the home and community, can affect the rate of injuries related to falls, fires and burns, road traffic injuries, drowning, and violence. Access to health services, such as systems created for injury-related care, ranging from prehospital and acute care to rehabilitation, can reduce the consequences of injuries, including death and long-term disability.

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Interventions that address these social and physical factors have the potential to prevent unintentional injuries and violence. Efforts to prevent unintentional injury may focus on:.

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While not included as objectives in Healthy People , there are several emerging issues in injury and violence prevention that need further research, analysis, and monitoring. For unintentional injuries, there is a need to better understand the trends, causes, and prevention strategies for:. In the area of violence, there is a need to better understand the trends, causes, and prevention strategies related to:. Journal of Safety Research 43 4 , Estimated lifetime medical and work-loss costs of fatal injuries-United States, MMWR: Morbidity and mortality weekly report, 64 38 , Estimated lifetime medical and work-loss costs of emergency department-treated nonfatal injuries-United States, The ecology of human development: Experiments by nature and design.

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Advancing injury and violence prevention in the United States. The Lancet.

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Vol ,July , DOI: Handbook of injury and violence prevention. New York: Springer; Chapter 14, Changing the built environment to prevent injury; p. A difference-in-differences analysis of health, safety, and greening vacant urban space. American Journal of Epidemiology, 11 , Changing the social environment to prevent injuries.

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The term does not include brain dysfunction caused by congenital or degenerative disorders or birth trauma. Added by Acts , 73rd Leg. Renumbered from Health and Safety Code Sec. Amended by Acts , 75th Leg. The executive commissioner by rule shall define those terms for reporting purposes. Acts , 84th Leg. April 2, The department may require the reports to contain any information, including the person's name, address, age, sex, race, occupation, employer, and attending physician, necessary to achieve the purposes of this subchapter.

The contracts or agreements may provide for payment by the state for materials, equipment, and services.