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And her entrails, dangling invitingly I wonder how a moan might sound from an inside-out throat? Time to stop daydreaming. Got to head back into the thick of it sooner or later. Searching for a dress was just a desperate bid to save time. This Intoner likes nothing better than a performance, and the sight of me as her clown. As I expected, her expression is one of satisfaction. But so is this one! Pretty depressing. Three or four of her?!

That would herald the end of days. The eldest Intoner has a sharp mind.

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She makes me nervous After all, she was the one to command meatball here to rule over this seaside land. I could eat three times my full, as well! Make it more like five or six. Then I can go searching for scrumptious new things. But scrumptious is not the word I would use to describe what she brings back Stuff like troll, orc and goblin meat I really wanted to ask her what kind of animal would ever consider eating the crap she was describing. Something strange? As if that makes any sense at all How can I sympathize with a nymphomaniac who gives me no peace, day or night?

No matter what the circumstances may be. I almost want to knock my own mouth shut! I wish she would at least stop licking me all over like that. It makes me feel all gross and sticky. The smell of her saliva, her body fluids I want to throw up.

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I wish I could But that her anger her, for sure. Sounds like someone strangling a chicken.

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This is the pits. My body is all sticky, my ears full of that awful sound, and those two sacks grinding against my stomach as she writhes on me God, when are you going to be done?! Get off already, you hag! I wish I could kill you! But when I went to stab her from behind Naughty boy. My hands had lost the strength to grip it. No disciple can defy their Intoner.

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  5. No matter what. I learned the truth that day I want to die. Why did I have to be her disciple? Still, no one could be worse than her. Those two in the desert seem happy, the old man is having fun Oh well. To be so lustful yet unable to feel a thing Poor thing Am I making a face? Whatever it is, it must be to your liking.

    No matter how many positions you try or how many hours you spend doing it, it will never feel good for you. Do you think sleeping with lots of people will fix that? Do you think new ones will change that? Unfortunately there is no cure for your lack of sensation. No dress will ever look good on you and nobody on earth is crazy enough to love you.

    My poor little Intoner I feel a crease in my brow.

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    Am I frowning? I touch my forehead, cheeks and mouth. But how?

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    Five would never allow me to frown But Five quickly regains her composure. I can tell because my voice and facial muscles are going out of my control, just as usual. You must be, or else why is my voice coming out so soft? Why is my face contorted in fear?

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    Are you mad I interrupted your reverie? Or that I noticed you were distracted? Disciples cannot disobey their Intoners.

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    I am made to act the way she pleases, to say words that delight her. I am a perfect slave. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Get print book. Seaside : A Novella.

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    Terri Blackstock. Zondervan , - Beaches - pages. From inside the book. Contents Section 1.