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Queer Theory and Communication: From Disciplining Queers to Queering the Discipline s is a conversation starter, sparking smart talk about sexuality in the communication discipline and beyond. Edited by members of "The San Francisco Radical Trio," the book integrates current queer theory, research, and interventions to create a critical lens with which to view the damaging effects of heteronormativity on personal, social, and cultural levels, and to see the possibilities for change through social and cultural transformation.

Queer Theory and Communication represents a commitment to positive social change by imagining different social realities and sharing ideas, passions, and lived experiences. If we care about our families, our children, and the moral state of our society, we should speak out against these proposals. One of the first things you'll want to do is equip and educate yourself by visiting this site. Among other useful features, it offers talking points you can use to express your faith-based viewpoint.

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It also lists do's and don'ts for approaching school officials. It contains lots of other practical advice. It even provides prepared memoranda from legal experts on the importance of respecting religious freedoms and parental rights. You can e-mail the legal information and other professionally packaged data directly to your educators from the Take Action center on the Web site. The same groups, it says, lobby for gays and other minority groups to be specifically mentioned in anti-bullying legislation and try to depict Christians opposed to such treatment as bigots.

Gay rights organizations say they have sought anti-bullying legislation and worked to craft school-based programs and curricula to protect students, especially gay students who are disproportionately singled out for bullying. Candi Cushman, an education analyst for the James Dobson-founded group, told The Denver Post this weekend that gay rights advocates have inserted their agenda into anti-bullying efforts, at the expense of Christian values.

In an email to TPM, Cushman expanded her argument. Based on recent events, state law and public school education will undermine these ideas as old-fashioned and narrow-minded. Redefining marriage in law means that religious freedoms are threatened because the state must promote and uphold the new definition of marriage.

Queer Theory and Communication: From Disciplining Queers to Queering the Discipline(s)

Recent events in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Sweden clearly demonstrate that the cultural battles over the normalization of homosexuality are a zero-sum game: Gains afforded to one group will necessarily come at the expense of another. Specifically, those who hold to a biblically orthodox view on homosexual or transgender behavior will increasingly find their voices marginalized and then eventually banned from the public arena.

This long-sought legislation would end many forms of employment discrimination against gays and lesbians. According to Focus, this bill would somehow turn conservative Christians into victims of discrimination. Many people view that as rank discrimination, akin to firing someone on the basis of his or her ethnic background or national origin. EDNA would go a long way toward stopping this type of discrimination aimed at gays and lesbians.

Just as workers can no longer be fired simply for being black or Jewish, under EDNA they couldn't he dismissed solely on the basis of sexual orientation. At the very least, EDNA would give gays and lesbians a legal avenue to challenge such dismissals. Yet according to Focus, this bill--designed to expand rights--is instead one that restricts them. Focus on the Family launched radio ads and a media campaign urging Ritter to veto the bill.

Opponents say the bill will have serious consequences, such as opening up public restrooms and locker rooms to all genders and transgender people, exposing children and women to harm. But Focus on the Family apparently has decided to move up the season to July 4. In the past two weeks, the Colorado Springs-based Christian organization has launched an ad campaign to blast away at Gov.

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Bill Ritter and other lawmakers who supported Senate Bill , an anti-discrimination bill. Bob Bacon, all Democrats.

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The bill, signed into law May 29 by Ritter, is intended to prevent discrimination based on gender, race, religion and sexual orientation regarding housing, employment and public accommodations. Focus on the Family, though, has decided to take a broad - very broad - interpretation that the law will allow public restrooms to be used by either gender regardless of signage. Its ad campaign, which ended Friday, implies that women and children will be at risk of predators because of the law.

Focus on the Family, based in Colorado Springs, Colo. With an automated phone system, it asks whether people support or oppose a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would nullify a court decision that ordered the state to pay such benefits. If they say they oppose the amendment, the call is ended. Those who say they support it are directed to call six state senators, including the Senate majority leader, that the group has identified as potentially obstructing the measure, said Peter Brandt, Focus on the Family's director of government and public policy.

The group says its mission is to preserve what it considers to be traditional values and the institution of the family. It intends to contact thousands of Alaskans through the end of this week as part of its national effort to lobby against recognizing same-sex couples as spouses, Brandt said. Focus On The Family wants business owners to have the right to turn away LGBTQ customers just because they believe their religion requires them to oppose their very existence. Louis, Mo.

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During the teleconference, Goeglein warned his audience…. Goeglein then lamented how Christian florists, bakers and photographers were not able to discriminate against gay customers and how that was severely limiting the faith of Christians. And I think that's the greater danger for the culture. She's a self-proclaimed advocate of same-sex marriage rights. She taught at Georgetown University. I think she's now heading up EEOC, the equal employment opportunity group.

I said, Chai, tell me what a perfect world for you would look like. And she said: Well, if I wanted to get married to my partner and a Christian person was working at the county courthouse, if they refused to do it - even politely and had somebody else come over to do it - she shouldn't work or he shouldn't work in the county courthouse. What about a doctor that wouldn't do in vitro fertilization for a lesbian couple? Well, they should never be licensed by the state because they would be violating my rights.

So I think the underlying issue here for all of us to consider is that this is going to be deeper than just two people who love each other getting married or having civil union. There's a whole host of religious freedom issues underneath this, that in essence we won't tolerate religious expression any longer; certainly not over sexual preference. And that's a big issue and that's not being talked about in the culture. These laws that protect our freedom of religion and conscience go back to the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights….

Progay/Antigay: The Rhetorical War over Sexuality

Christians are merely the target of choice at the moment, but tomorrow it will be another religious group. People of all faiths and no faith need to band together to protect the religious freedom of all.

Jan Brewer vetoed a bill that set off an impassioned national debate over a provision that would have given business owners a legal defense for refusing service to customers on religious grounds…. Supporters of the proposed legislation said the veto wasn't surprising, considering the enormous public opposition and what they contend was the miscasting of it as a discrimination issue. But with a run increasing scrutiny on her past, she renewed her apology on Thursday.

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