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It will apply a secondary anaerobic biofilter with an innovative polymericbased immobilization matrix to treat anaerobically sewage and produce biogas. The system will result in high COD and TSS removal as well as biogas production, providing treated effluent adapted for reuse in agriculture or reclamation after post-treatment. SMARTech2b is the key to enable secondary mainstream energy-efficient resource recovery.

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It consists of two SBR; one for heterotrophic bacterial growth, and another SBR for autotrophic nitrifiers growth, an interchange vessel and a chemical system for P-recovery as struvite. SMARTech3 is the key to enable tertiary recovery of N and P based fertilizer based on ion-exchange processes to remove and recover nutrients from secondary effluents. To overcome the limited supply chain of the ion exchanging materials, new ion exchange media, manufactured in the UK, will be applied.

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The aim will be to optimize the regeneration cycles for the nutrient recovery, trying to maintain a high sorption capacity after each regeneration cycle. SMARTech4a is the key to enable the integration of conventional biogas recovery from sewage sludge with sidestream energy-efficient and compact nitrogen removal and phosphorus recovery. SMARTech4b is the key to enable the integration of the enhanced biogas recovery by thermal hydrolysis of sewage sludge with sidestream energy-efficient and compact nitrogen removal and phosphorus recovery.

Biopolymers: More Compatible and More Versatile Than Plastics

Being the sludge hydrolized for biogas production, the SCENA process that will use the primary sludge reject water as partial carbon source to remove nitrogen and hyper-accumulate phosphorus. SMARTech5 is the key to enable the integration of conventional biogas recovery from sewage sludge with the energy-efficient nitrogen removal from sludge reject water and the recovery of PHA and struvite. Click here to view the video. Packaging constitutes a major market share of the Plastic industry despite its often short term application.

Biopolymers – Application in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

With growing concerns on the environment and resources, Whey coated Packaging can be the solution for the future that is made from Waste materials and is recyclable. View Full Article. The main claims of the Wheylayer patent, especially regarding its process, have been recognized as novel by the PCT examination. The consortium is now considering the regions and countries where to enforce the patent and is setting up a licensing agreement scheme.

Biopolymers – European Biomass Industry Association

The Wheylayer patent allows better industrial process with lower energy consumption while maintaining the excellent barrier properties for the innovative whey-proteins based coating developed during the project. For more information: ebugnicourt iris. Click here to view the document. The internal magazine of Lajovic Tuba, Tubica, published two sides of the project Wheylayer. The new edition of Tubica magazine has an article about how to install the machine and other about the general meeting celebrated in Tuba and Ilirija.